Get involved – easy and fun!

Do you want to be active in VÅVS? Good to hear!

To become active in VÅVS is both easy and increadebly fun.

In the yearly election VÅVS members choose their representatives for Fullmäktige. There is also the big Nyval (newelection) where all trustposts are reelected. 

On this site you can read about how you can apply for Fullmäktige, various posts in our committees or board. You can read VÅVS statute and regulations for more information about Fullmäktige, the committees, the board or the individual posts. On this page you can also find vacant posts in Corpus Medicum and Lund University Student Union (LUS).

Below you will find a list of all vacant posts in VÅVS that you can apply to at any time. 

To apply for these posts fill in the form under “Candidate for vacant posts in VÅVS". To apply for posts in Corpus Medicum or LUS, please contact the President of VÅVS.

Are there no vacant posts or does spring feel far away and you want to get involved as soon as possible? No problem, there is always something you as a member can do, whether you have a post or not. Contact the president of the committee you find interesting, or ask someone on the board if there is anything right now that you can help with. You can find everyones email here.

Welcome to VÅVS big family!

Electoral process

To become active in VÅVS, you must be a member in VÅVS during the year you sit on the post. You can read more about becoming a member of VÅVS here. You sign up for the position you are interested in in the form under “Candidate for vacant positions in VÅVS". During election periods there is a deadline for the last day to apply, this will be written in the form if that is the case. If it is not an election period, you can apply for vacant positions in the same form and then there’s no deadline. You can apply for multiple positions at once and sit on multiple positions simultaneously. However, you are not allowed to sit both in Fullmäktige and the board of VÅVS.

Election Committee

The Election Committee is the committee that announces elections for all positions that are not members of Fullmäktige and holds interviews with all applicants if an interview is required.  When you have applied for a position via the form, the Election Committee will contact you with information regarding the interview. Before the interview it can be good to prepare by reading about the post you are looking for, you can do this in the VÅVS statute and regulations. The nomination committee chooses after interviews with all candidates whom they wish to nominate for the post. The nomination is then submitted to the Council during a Council election (ValFUM) where you can answer the Council’s questions. The council then decides whether the nomination will go through. Motkandidera You can always contest the nomination committee’s nomination if you have been nominated for the post in time and have undergone an interview. Counter-candidacy will be in writing and sent to VÅVS Chairman well in advance of ValFUM, deadline for this will be announced via mail from the Nomination Committee.