Congratulations on the admission and welcome to VÅVS!

VÅVS is the Student Union Section for you who are studying for Occupational therapist, X-ray nurse, Nurse, Specialist nurse or Master’s program in Medical Science at Lund University!

In our community there is something for everyone!

Our main mission is our education guard, where we work actively to make your education at Lund University as good as possible!

Below you’ll find some good things to know, as a new student in Lund.


To give you the best possible start to your studies and get to know Lund’s student life, we have a novisch-period at the start of each semester!

The novisch-period gives you, as a new student, a great opportunity to get to know Lund, the student life, your new education and, above all, new friends!

For two wonderful weeks you, together with other noviches and older students, will create a variety of new memories through activities such as sittingar, competitions and parties.

Here you will find information from our novisch-generals for the spring-semester 2019!
Welcome letter for VT19

Do you want to know more? Of course you want!

Here you will find schedule, your novisch-mentors and contact details to our fantastic Novisch- generals!


To gain access to the whole of Lund’s student life you need to join Studentlund, the joined organisation for the Student Unions, the Nations and the Academic Society  (AF).

To participate in many of our novisch activities, you need to be a member of the student union. Membership gives you access to everything from student discounts, scholarships, cheap housing, good food, fun night clubs, bales and more. More information can be found at


Finding a home can be a scourge but do not despair, has written a checklist to guide you through the lundensian housing jungle! You find more information here: